Microsoft® Office 2003/2007 Internet Faxing with

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Registered Users, please follow these steps to use Microsoft® Internet faxing with

First, click here this will activate Internet Fax with Microsoft® Office on your computer.  No software will be installed on your computer but do select ‘Run’ when prompted.

Now, you are ready to go!  Simply open any Microsoft Office file you want to fax, and go to the Office Button, then to Send and select Internet Fax.
You will be presented with the following:

  • Fill in your cover page or select not to send a cover page
  • Fill in the recipient information
  • Send in HTML format
  • Send the fax - a confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion or failure of the fax.

Please notice, you must include the word ‘pass’ followed by your password (represented by the word ‘secret’)  in the subject line of the fax.  This is an added security feature and will not be seen by the recipient of the fax.

To deactivate Internet Fax, click here
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