Send a fax! Internet faxing, free fax software

Send a fax! Free fax software
Send a fax! Free fax Internet faxing software

Fax Anywhere in the World FREE!

Sign up for a Free Outbound Fax Only Trial Account HERE

Receive $1.00 Credit to Fax Anywhere in the World - NO Credit Card Necessary!

Please note: You will NOT receive $1 free with free email accounts like Hotmail or If you sign up with one of these type of accounts you will need to purchase credit before using.

Value and Quality:  With your free Internet faxing trial account we hope to show you how easy it is to send an Internet fax from your computer.  Also, by using you can save time, money and frustration that often goes along with physical fax machines.  Internet fax has never been easier and by utilizing the Pangea Global Fax Network ( for fax delivery, users take advantage of the largest and highest quality fax network in the world. 

Pay-As-You-Go! After your Internet faxing credit has depleted you may add a minimum of $10 to your account. This credit will not expire. Your Internet faxing credit can be used with our email to fax, web to fax or free fax software products.