With Fax1.com you can receive all of your faxes in your email too.

Upgrade to a Fax1 Pro account and get a fax number that automatically forwards your faxes to your email account. Not unlike our outbound fax sending service, no matter where you are, if you can access the Internet you can recieve a fax. No special software is required to view faxes sent to this number; Simply open the fax using any Tiff viewer (Microsoft software comes with a default viewer).

Upgrade to Fax1 Pro and you get all of the following:

  • Unique US fax number just for you. LOCAL NUMBERS AVAILABLE!
  • Faxes automatically deliver into YOUR email box as Tiff attachments.
  • No special viewer needed! Open and view your faxes using any Tiff viewer. Forward to a friend without worrying if they will be able to open it.
  • You can easily save or delete these faxes without wasting toner or fax paper.
  • Recieve your faxes on the Road!
  • You can still continue to send faxes with Fax1.com via email to fax, web to fax or using the Faxblaster.
  • One low monthly fee of $9.00 or $99.00 annual fee.
  • Need more than one number?  Contact us for volume discounts.

Upgrade to Fax1 Pro Now!