Fax broadcasting from Fax1.com:

  • Send hundreds or even thousands of faxes quickly and easily
  • Real-time online status reporting
  • Manage your fax lists on your own PC
  • Customize your fax header with your company name and recipient's name


Sending thousands of faxes by a single click of a button on your PC is easy with Fax1.com. Utilize Fax1.com's Global Network of over 100 nodes to deliver your faxes for you quickly, easily and inexpensively. Broadcast fax has never been more simple.

Real-Time Web Reporting

View the status, cost and time of delivery of each fax sent from your Faxbroadcast in Real-Time on the web.

Manage Your Own Fax List on Your PC

Easily manage your own fax list on your own PC.  Utilize recipient name feature to personalize each fax sent.

Statistical Analysis

View online or download all delivered and/or failed fax numbers to easily identify 'bad numbers' or measure the success of a given project.

Fax Any Format

Any format you can print, you can send as a fax with Fax1.com Fax broadcasting.

Same Great Rates - Internet fax

You don't have to pay a premium to send Faxbroadcasts with Fax1.com. Enjoy the same low rates as with our other great fax services. Ask about our volume discounts. Check Rates Here.

Signup for Fax broadcasting service by emailing faxbroadcast@fax1.com