This sections contains the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Q1. What is the FaxBlaster?

Q2. How do I set up a account?

Q3. How do I purchase time for my account?

Q4. How do I send a fax with the service?

Q5. I sent a fax. How do I know if it was transmitted successfully?

Q6. I signed up at the website and never received email confirmation of my account.

Q7. Are the faxes I send over the network secure?

Q8. Why was more pages faxed than what I sent?

Q9. Can I fax a scanned document?

Q10. How do I contact

A1. The FaxBlaster is a unique tool that is actually a print driver much like the one you may have on your PC for printing documents on your printer. The FaxBlaster simply allows you to 'Print' over the Internet to any fax machine in the world.

A2. Simply fill out our secure online application. You will be notified by email of your account name, user id, and password. New members automatically receive a free $1.00 credit to their account.

A3. Once you are signed up and are a member of, there are three ways to purchase additional credit for your account.

To purchase additional credit by check or money order, simply send a minimum of $25.00 USD to:

309 S.W. 6th Ave. Suite 220
Portland, Or., 97204 U.S.A.

Please be sure to include your user id number and logon name that you received in your email account confirmation on your check.

To purchase credit to your account by CREDIT CARD, merely access your account through the members login window at the website, click ‘Purchase Additional Credit’, fill out the form, and then click on the ‘Process Transaction’ button.

To purchase using PAYPAL, please go to your MY Account Login from our home page and you will see the links.

A4. offers three ways to send faxes with tremendous savings.

  • Download the free FaxBlaster print driver software from the website. To do so merely click the ‘Free Downloads’ link from’s Home Page. Choose the appropriate FaxBlaster software designed to work with your computers operating system (ex. Windows95, Windows98, or Windows NT).

    Once downloaded, you must install and configure the FaxBlaster print driver. To do so, double click on the downloaded file (this will start the installation process) When prompted, type in your name and company name. During installation, you will be asked if you would like to run the client config program now?. You may select yes or run the configuration later. You will need your Logon and Password to complete the configuration. When installation is complete, restart your PC.

To configure the FaxBlaster:

  • Simply go to Start - Programs - FaxBlaster - Config. from your tool bar. Click on ‘Server Details’. A new window will appear and then click on ‘User Properties’. A new window will appear. Fill out the ‘Full Name’ field with your name and company name. Your name and company name will appear on your fax cover pages. In the ‘Login’ field type the login name that was emailed to you confirming your account with In the ‘Password’ field type in the password that was emailed to you confirming your account with You are now ready to begin using your FaxBlaster and the realization of tremendous savings. When you are ready to fax a document simply choose the FaxBlaster print driver from your print command window. It’s that easy and you save money.

    After signing up you can use’s email to fax service. There is nothing to download to use this service and you can use your existing email program. Simply do the following:

    In the address field type ‘’.

    In the subject field type the recipients name, and then the word 'pass', followed by your password.

    Ex. John Smith pass secret

    Attach the document you would like to send in the attach field.

    In the message field type what you would like to appear on the cover page.

    Then send the fax and you on your way to realizing significant savings!

A5. There are several different ways that lets you know the status of sent faxes.

  • You will automatically receive an email within a couple minutes informing you of the status of your fax.

    When using’s FaxBlaster print driver, upon sending a fax, the print driver will display a status window notifying you that your fax was sent successfully or that the fax failed and the reason for the failure. The FaxBlaster also has a storage feature which you can use use to look at sent faxes, recipient of sent faxes and their fax numbers. This feature allows you to also choose a sent fax and resend at a later time, or you can use this feature to send a sent fax to a different recipient. also offers advanced virtual real time reporting on the web. To utilize this feature, you access your account at the home page, choose the type of reporting you desire (ex. Detailed Reports, Reporting by Country, or Reporting by Fax Number) Upon choosing a reporting option you then choose the time period for the report, and the option to view only successful or failed faxes, or both.

A6. When signing up for an account with be sure to enter the correct email address. uses the clients email address to generate an account name as well as transmitting success, failure, and consolidated reports. If you never received confirmation of your account, please contact through one of the means listed below.

A7. uses both proprietary encryption and transport protocols to ensure the integrity of the transmission. Security and confidentiality of our clients fax transmissions is of the highest priority at

A8. If you are using Email to fax, this will happen if you send in HTML or Rich Text Format. The HTML/Rich Text code is sent on the first page. Please send in Plain Text Format and this will not happen. If you are using our Web to fax or Faxblaster product, you probably have one line at the end of the page that went to an extra, next page. This can be fixed by resizing the document. If this is not the cause for extra pages, please contact so we can investigate.

A9. More than 50% of the documents that go over our network are scanned documents. When scanning a document for fax please make sure you scan at 100% and in Line Art Mode. For HP multifunction printers, please choose the Output Type 'Black and White bitmap' and Output Resolution '200 dpi'.'

A10. Email:

  • Phone: Toll-free (in North America) 1-866-FAX1COM (1-866-329-1266) or 1-503-226-1274
  • Fax: 1-503-221-3080 (Free with FaxBlaster or email to fax)
  • Mail: 309 SW 6th Ave. Suite 220, Portland, OR. 97204 USA