Internet Service Provider (ISP)/Agent Opportunities offers outstanding opportunities ISPs to take advantage of their existing site and infrastructure to create a new revenue stream and profit center.  ISPs can enter this market in several ways.

By simply promoting and linking your home page to a special signup page, you can offer your clients a co-branded version of and a free trial of Internet fax services and earn commissions on all paid usage. Additionally, you will have real-time access to billing and commission reporting on the web.

Private Label
With, you can create a site of your own just like  You will have the option to offer multiple tariff plans, create Agent and Corporate accounts, allow for automatic signups, debit or monthly billing, etc.  

Fax Node
As an ISP, it is possible to install a fax node of your own and provide Fax to Fax services as well as PC to Fax, Email to Fax, Web to Fax and Fax to Email services in your local market. Join our global network!  This service is provided by our parent company, .

Independent Agents
Earn the highest commissions in the industry representing the best and most value-added service. Contact us at

Agent Plus Program
Create your own website and link directly to a special signup page that registers all your users.  Enjoy real-time data on all your accounts and commissions.

If you are interested in these services, please email us at